What makes us different?

The ability to see the same physiotherapist throughout your treatment

years experience with injury treatment of neurological and head injury management
years orthopaedic experience


Kevin Van Reenen

PT, Ba.(Soc), B.Sc.(PT)
Registered Physiotherapist

Kevin has worked as a Registered Physiotherapist since 2002. Kevin has taken many postgraduate physiotherapy courses in the areas of back, neck, and shoulder treatment and orthopaedic care, as well as additional courses on myofascial release techniques to help with management of both Orthopaedic and sports injuries. Kevin has worked within the Lambton County Area School Boards for 9 years, as a physiotherapist for children with many different physical needs. Through his experience he has worked with children of all ages (both elementary and secondary) and has become proficient in assessing and establishing home exercise programs in this population. Kevin also has special interests in the areas of Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation. Kevin is an active coach in Sarnia’s Lakers Basketball program and enjoys playing volleyball both indoors and outdoors.

Cydney Simpson

Rehabilitation Therapist

Cydney is a rehabilitation therapist who has 13 years of experience working in the community healthcare field.  She has been trained by and works with some of the most experienced healthcare professionals in the field, including occupational and physiotherapists, providing cognitive and physical therapy to people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.  Much of the therapy that Cydney provides to her client’s is geared toward core strengthening and addressing balance issues for people who have suffered brain injuries. Cydney is a graduate of Western University with a BA in Sociology, is a certified personal trainer through CanFitPro and attends conferences and webinars to continue her education. Through her experience, Cydney is well practiced in fall prevention and has a passion for exercise and health. You will certainly find that her passion for exercise is contagious!

Haley Pretty

Office Administrator

Haley attended Lambton College for the Office Administration Program. Since this time, Haley has gained 25+ years of customer service experience. Haley has been working with Body Balance Health & Physiotherapy Inc. now for over five years.

Helene Ungar

PT, B.Sc.(PT)
Registered Physiotherapist

Helene has worked as a Registered Physiotherapist since 1995. Helene has completed all level courses of advanced orthopaedic care through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. In addition, she completed all levels of the Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy program and successfully challenged all the exams to be credentialed in this method of treatment. She has also completed post-graduate courses and conferences to advance her skills in concussion management and vestibular rehabilitation to treat conditions such as dizziness and vertigo. Helene has special interests in treating neurological conditions.

Jon McGuire

Manual Osteopath, BHK, DOMP

Jon attended the University of Windsor and completed a Kinesiology degree with a focus on movement science (BHK). After university he attended the National Academy of Osteopathy in North York to attain a diploma in manual osteopathic practice (DOMP). Jon has always been passionate about sports, competing at a high level throughout all of his education. Jon became particularly interested in treating sports related injuries after studying them in depth in order to overcome some of his own. Jon looks forward to gaining experience and furthering his education with treating bodily dysfunction as a member of the Body Balance team.

Larissa Randall

PT, B.Sc.(HK), M.Sc(PT)
Registered Physiotherapist

Larissa has worked as a Registered Physiotherapist since 2017. Larissa has taken advanced certification courses in athletic taping and soft tissue release to enhance her treatment techniques for orthopaedic and sport related injuries. Larissa has completed levels one and two of advanced orthopaedic care through the  Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and plans to pursue further education in these areas. Larissa has special interests in treating orthopaedic conditions.

Megan March

Registered Massage Therapist

Meghan attended Lambton College, for the Massage Therapy program and officially became a registered RMT in October 2018. She immediately began practicing at Body Balance Health & Physiotherapy as a member of the BBH team in the fall. Her goal for treatments is to find the root of the problem and work from there, while also providing a sense of relaxation.