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"Canada has one of the highest life expectancies in the world as people are living beyond 15-21 years after turning the age of 65. Regular physical activity is important for everyone, but it is especially important for older adults as they age. Exercise decreases your risk for cardiovascular disease and it is crucial for minimizing chronic illness as well as increasing your quality of life. Exercise is also key to maintaining independence and falls prevention."

Body Balance Health Team



Are you seeking to begin a regular exercise routine but are unsure of where to start? Are you afraid a new exercise regime will re-aggravate pain or symptoms from your past injuries? Or are you unsure of how to begin exercising safely with your current health issues? Have your previous exercise attempts been unsuccessful due to lack of direction and familiarity with exercising techniques and gym atmospheres?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, the “Exercise For Beginners” healthy aging program may be right for you!


The “Exercise For Beginners” program is a Physical Therapy therapeutic program designed for those individual’s who are ready to start actively managing their personal health, but would like some direction of where to begin. The team at Body Balance Health & Physiotherapy Inc. will help you reach your fitness goals by providing strategies and modifications to standard exercises in order to overcome the barriers posed by your previous injuries and personal health issues.

The program initiates with a health screening completed by a registered Physical Therapist to determine specific areas of focus and to ensure you are eligible to exercise safely. Throughout the initial screening your individual health and fitness goals will also be collected. The registered physical therapist and program manager will use this information to tailor your exercises throughout the program to best fulfill your personal goals and needs. The program consists of two (one-hour long) group based exercise and education sessions each week, for a duration of six weeks. The program manager will conduct each session in a small group setting (of 3 individuals) in the inviting facilities of Body Balance. Near the end of the program you will be re-assessed by a registered physical therapist during the scheduled exercise sessions to direct you in further accomplishing your personal goals. Upon completion of the six week program if your personal goals have not been met and you would benefit from additional directed exercise sessions this will be discussed at this time. The intentions of this program is to help facilitate your transition to independent exercise by providing you with the skills and necessary exercise adjustments required for you to exercise safely.

This Program is For You If...

  • You are an adult seeking a healthy lifestyle change
  • You are seeking direction of how to exercise safely given your current medical status or past injuries
  • You are not currently enrolled in, or require formal physiotherapy treatment
  • You have little to no exposure to gym facilities and exercising atmospheres

What Will You Learn?

  • Proper exercise form to prevent injuries associated with poor exercise technique
  • Stretching, strengthening and balance exercises tailored towards your individual needs and personal health and fitness goals
  • Tips regarding good posture and workplace ergonomics
  • Safe handling of gym equipment and proper technique for using standard weight machines

What Is Your Investment?

  • 1 assessment
  • 1 class per week



Have you recently completed the “Exercise For Beginners” program and are unsure of what to do next? Are you looking for a way to continue building your strength,  flexibility, and cardiovascular health with many of your like-minded peers?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, the “Exercise For Intermediates” healthy aging program may be right for you! Stay tuned for more information to come regarding this program in the near future!



Experience yoga and improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Learn the essential yoga poses and movements at a comfortable speed. These teachings aim to set a solid foundation for an effective and enjoyable yoga practice.


Does your child have difficulty catching and throwing balls? Does your child struggle with keeping his or her balance when landing from jumps or kicking a soccer ball? Does your child find different tasks more challenging than many of his or her peers? Have you been looking for a program to help your child reach his or her developmental milestones, but are unsure of where to look?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, the “Kids Physiotherapy Program For Gross Motor Development” may be right for your child!


The “Kids Physiotherapy Program for Gross Motor Development” is a Physical Therapy based program designed to help your child reach his or her developmental milestones and improve their motor functioning throughout their daily activities. The Kids Gross Motor Development Program was developed and is supervised by a Registered Physiotherapist, and is conducted with the assistance of a certified personal trainer.

The program initiates with an individual gross motor assessment and baseline screening conducted by a registered Physical Therapist to determine overall gross motor function using a standardized test and to develop personalized goals. The remainder of the program consists of two (one-hour long) group based exercise and education sessions each week, for a duration of six weeks. A follow up re-assessment will be conducted during the last exercise session of the program. These sessions will be conducted in a small group setting. Working on exercise programs in a group environment will help to establish a sense of confidence in your child and promotes collaboration among peers who are working towards the same goals.

This Program Is For Your Child If...

  •  He or she is between ages 4-9

What Will Your Child Learn?

  •  The program encompasses the fundamental components to promote balance, agility, strength and coordination
  • An introduction to fitness and cardiovascular exercise
  • Sport specific skills and related fitness drills
  • Fitness games and fun individual and group exercises

What Is Your Investment?

  •  $300.00 Billable in partial or in full to most extended health plans
  • Two 1 hour sessions each week, for a consecutive six week program


Did you know having a fear of falling is the number one predictor of falls? Have you noticed your balance has been gradually deteriorating? Are you finding tasks such as bending down to pick up objects from the floor, or transitioning from sitting to standing difficult?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, the “Balance and Falls Prevention” healthy aging program may be right for you!


As we age, become less active, and our strength decreases, our balance and stability also begins to deteriorate. Many people often neglect this decline in balance function, which increases their risk of falls. The “Balance and Falls Prevention” program is an exercise-based program, which takes a functional training approach to exercise. The primary goal of this program is to improve your ability to carry out and enjoy your daily activities safely by helping you improve your balance and stability. This will allow you to stay independent with your daily tasks and reduce your risk of falls as you age.

This program consists of two (45 minute long) group based exercise sessions each week, for a duration of six weeks. This program incorporates, core and flexibility exercises, as well as cardiovascular and resistance training into the program in order to address each of the factors which may be influencing your balance. The Balance and Falls Prevention Program is a fun class structured to encourage each participant to exercise at their own pace and fitness levels. The instructor will provide modifications for each exercise to ensure that you stay within your comfort zone throughout the program while ultimately achieving the greatest health benefits possible. The Program Manager will conduct each session in a group setting (of 8-10 individuals) in the inviting facilities of Body Balance Health and “Pure” Powered by On Edge Fitness.

This Program Is For You If...

  •  You are an adult motivated to improve your balance, stability, and overall independence
  • You are not currently enrolled in, or require formal physical therapy treatment

What Will You Learn?

  • Dynamic and static stretches to promote flexibility, which improves overall posture, range of motion and reduces muscle and joint stiffness
  • Core stability training using stability balls to challenge your stability and teach you efficient strategies to maintain your center of gravity while performing different tasks
  • Resistance training exercises using free weights, resistance bands, and your body weight to help strengthen the muscles that stabilize your body
  • Safe cardiorespiratory training to improve your energy levels and promote better circulation

What is Your Investment?

  • $12.50 per session for a total of $150.00 for the entire six week program
  • Two 45 minute sessions each week, for a consecutive six week program



Learn To Train is a sports conditioning program that focuses on how to move both efficiently and safely. This program not only allows more training to be done and good lifelong movement patterns, but also allows athletes to maximize their endurance and power.


The “Learn To Train Program” is a sports conditioning based program designed to enhance your strength development, mobility, power, stability and coordination. These abilities will be achieved with the use of progressive calisthenics training, movement drills and functional movements.

This Program is For You If...

  • You are a teen, youth or child actively involved in sport
  • You are interested in improving your over all sports performance
  • You are interested in taking a proactive approach to your health by preventing sport related injuries before they occur

What Will You Learn?

  • Proper exercise form to prevent injuries associated with poor exercise technique
  • Stretching, strengthening, balance and proprioceptive exercises tailored towards your personal health and fitness goals
  • Common sport related injuries and preventative exercise measures

What is Your Investment?

  • TBA



Kevin Kevin Head Shothas worked in outpatient orthopedic Physical Therapy since 2002. He has
 also worked as a School Health Support Physical Therapist in the Lambton County School Board for the past 9 years. Through his experience he has worked with children of all ages (both elementary and secondary) and has become proficient in assessing and establishing home exercise programs in this population for the promotion of strength and flexibility.

“Through my experience in working in the Schools I have identified the difficulty in the carryover of a school based program into the home. The development of the Kids Gross Motor Development Program aims to achieve the consistency between working on the home exercises and the promotion of your gross motor development goals to help achieve positive changes for your child.”


Larissa Head Shot 3Larissa graduated from the University of Guelph with an honours degree in Human Kinetics (Bachelor of Science). She continued to pursue further education at the University of Toronto and recently graduated with her Masters of Physical Therapy. Since October 2016, Larissa has joined the Body Balance Health Team working with clients to help meet their personal health and exercise goals. Larissa began practicing as a Physical Therapist in September 2017. Larissa has taken additional courses in soft tissue release techniques and athletic taping.


Helene Head Shot
Helene has worked as a Registered Physiotherapist since 1995. She works with both orothopaedic clients as well as individuals with neurological issues. She has completed post-graduate courses to advance her skills in both of these areas, as well as additional education for vestibular rehabilitation to treat dizziness and vertigo.


Cyd Head Shot
Cydney Simpson is a rehabilitation therapist who has 13 years experience working in the community healthcare field.  She has been trained by and works with some of the most experienced healthcare professionals in the field, including occupational and physiotherapists, providing cognitive and physical therapy to people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.  Much of the therapy that Cydney provides to her client’s is geared toward core strengthening and addressing balance issues for people who have suffered brain injuries.  Cydney is a graduate of Western University with a BA in Sociology, is a certified personal trainer through CanFitPro and attends conferences and webinars to continue her education.  Through her experience, Cydney is well practiced in fall’s prevention and has a passion for exercise and health.  You will certainly find that her passion for exercise is contagious!