EpiPoint Elbow Brace




This brace is designed to reduce pain associated with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and other elbow pain due to overuse of the lateral tendons by placing targeted compression to the tendon, just below the site of inflammation. This allows the tendon above the brace a chance to heal; but, still allows you to functionally use your hand. This brace is made of breathable fabric and lays flat on the skin so it can easily be worn under a sweater or shirt. It’s soft design throughout means you stay comfortable even with elbow bending. You can control the level of  compression with a Velcro strap and there is a red warning system to tell you if the strap is too tight.

Indications – Tennis elbow and elbow pain due to overuse.
One size fits either left or right arm.
Comes in black or grey colours

  • $115 + HST
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