GenuTrain Knee Brace




This brace is used to reduce knee pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis, joint effusion, meniscus injuries and general knee instability to name a few. The GenuTrain is made from a soft and breathable knitted fabric with medical grade compression that is strategically designed to follow the anatomical contours of the knee joint. This works to stimulate local receptors in the knee to improve control from the surrounding musculature involved in stabilizing the joint. It also consists of a flexible component surrounding the knee cap region with nodules that help support improved nutrition,  circulation and pain reduction for the meniscus and infra patellar regions. This knitted design also reduces local swelling around the knee joint and massages the surrounding soft tissue with movement to help promote improved mobility.

  • $210-240 depending on sizing

Bauerfeind braces are designed and engineered in Germany. Their products are well known for their combination of compressive forces, and rigid design that provides proprioceptive stimulus, reduces pain and promotes mobility. They are made with stretchy breathable knitted fabric that provide stability to joints and massage soft tissues while you move.

If you have extended health coverage, you may be able to get a portion or all of the brace covered. Check with your plan to see if you need a prescription from your Doctor.

Care Instructions – Most of these braces can be washed separately in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius with liquid detergent. If the brace has removable metal or plastic splints, these should be removed prior to washing. If there are velcro straps, it is recommended that they be removed if possible or firmly attached to where it is supposed to go. Use laundry spin cycle 500 revolutions per minute maximum and air dry. Regular washing helps keep the compression of knitted fabric

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